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About Me

I am a one man shop in a small corner of my garage. I like to design my own patterns to make unique goods. Taking inspiration from other crafters who have shared their work and knowledge. I thrive to make the best product possible that will last a lifetime. Products that are slim, sleek and functional. I am a strong believer in not having a bulky wallet, which is why I mainly focus on smaller products while insuring they carry what’s most important day to day.

Each product is 100% handmade. No machines. Making my own patterns or altering available patterns which then get transferred onto leather. Everything is cut, punched and stitched by hand from start to finish. Everything I know has been self-taught. Pushing myself to create better products each time I start a new project. With a background in cabinet making, I am very hard on myself to ensure everything is made to perfection. Working with high quality leather ensures each product is made to last a lifetime and age beautifully.


If you have any questions, would like custom work done or anything, you can get in contact with me by Email:
Made in CANADA
Premium Leather
100% Handmade
Lifetime Warranty