6 Pocket Bifold Wallet (FREE PATTERN)


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6 Pocket Bifold Wallet (FREE PATTERN)


Pattern for a 6 Pocket Bifold Wallet.

Size: 160mm x 115mm (Opened)
80mm~ x 115mm (Folded)

Holds 6 cards or more depending on how much stretch your leather can take. Once broken in, it will hold more then the initial amount.

This design takes inspiration from other card holders and other leathercrafters work. Due to this, I am putting it up for free for anyone to use freely.


Pattern for a 6 Pocket Bifold Wallet.

Feel free to produce, sell and make changes to this design.
Print this pattern at “Actual Size” / “100%” and measure the line to ensure it’s 50mm.

Basic text instructions included inside the PDF. Easy project to put together in a short amount of time.
Prior knowledge on how to put together may be required.


1 review for 6 Pocket Bifold Wallet (FREE PATTERN)

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Nice wallet design

April 4, 2023

I downloaded the pattern and made this wallet in dark brown pull up leather with reddish waxed thread, the hidden pockets are done with black waxed thread and I love it.

I noted that the measurements of the description are different from the measurements from the pattern. I made sure to print it at 100% but my measurements are 150×105 and closed 75×105. Luckely I noted on paper that cash (euro) wouldn’t fit half folded in the hidden pocket so I made it slightly wider myself, but although I do like the wallet, I kinda wish the height was a bit longer, since the cards are in front of the thread now and there is 2mm space between the card and top of the wallet.

All the measurements of the pockets where good, but I suggest a change in the measurements of the pattern and a picture of the wallet with cards in it at the description.

Thanks for the free pattern!

Avatar for Marnix
Marnix (verified owner)

Response from EpirumLeather


Thanks for the feedback! You are 100% correct. It seems I did not properly update this pattern. It has now been fixed and the new download file will show V2. The new measurements are 160mm x 115mm and the description has been fixed to show this as well.

I hope this solves the issues.

Thank you very much.

6 Pocket Bifold Wallet (FREE PATTERN)